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wow, its been a while since anyone has said anything in as the mod, i figured i should get back on top of things!!!

until i can get something together worth is a fun song for everyone to upload:

Lily Allen - Alfie

i love you will too!


ok, it might not be 'new'

But, its new to me, and maybe you...

k, here's the skinny.

"Cigarettes and Valentines" was meant to be the follow-up to Green Day's "Shenanigans" from '02, the entire project was scratched when the master tracks were stolen from the studio. Rather than re-record, Green Day instead started over and ended up recording what would become the award-winning album "American Idiot". According to many involved, what had been recorded as "Cigarettes and Valentines" was far inferior to "American Idiot" and lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong called the theft a "blessing in disguise."

Strangely, many believe that the album actually has been released but under the name Money Money 2020 by a band named The Network who may or may not be Green Day in disguise. So, what did I do? I decided to find this album and give it a listen.

Is it a good album?
Yes, two words kids. Devo. Ok, thats one word, but... anyways. The whole album is a nice mix of what we will call 'modern punk'/plunk and early '80s Devo inspired new wave.

It starts off with "Joe Robot," a spectacular off-the-wall combination of synth and ramonesesque punk riffs. Next is "Transistors Gone Wild", is a song that when finally get a feel for, it's over. This is a trend that goes on throughout the whole album...very disjointed music that just drops off kinda leaving the listener with a slight feeling of 'WTF', yet... after a few spins you get a feel for what it is. I won't go on explaining every song, that'd be just silly and you'd lose interest. I will say that no two songs that sound alike on this disc, however they sorta gel together in tone and theme. And by theme, I mean straight-up punk rock with a twist of new wave. songs like "Right Hand-O-Rama" could be construed as simple joke, ala "Longview". However when looked at closer, a commentary on the over-sexed culture that is the American media emerges. "Spike" is a song themed around needing a fix of drugs, and could either be a simple narrative song or if looked at under a different light could be based on the band's history with drug use (by the band, I mean Green Day). And songs like "Roshambo" sound like they are straight off "Kerplunk!".

Is The Network Green Day?
After 3 spins... my personal opinion is that if they are trying to hide their identity on this album, they do it about as well as a trannie with a 5 o'clock shadow and an Adams apple...

If this is in fact "Cigarettes and Valentines", how does it compare to "American Idiot"?
What, do you think I am retarded? Do you think I would take on the biggest album of '05 in a Live Journal review? This is not as good as "American Idiot". My own personal assumption is Billie and the rest may have camped this one up abit after "American Idiot" was half done and decided to release it for shits and giggles. "American Idiot" is by and large the best Green Day album since "Dookie", I won't switch it to a review of either of those, but its safe to say they matured and created something great.

Just as The Network's "Money Money 2020" is.

Songs to listen to?
"Supermodel Robots", The Danzig cover of "Teenagers From Mars", aw heck, the whole album.

it was released in '03.

This is a bit late.

I am jeremy r. hudson.

and thats that.
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Went to see Thornley play last night. My 6th time seeing Ian play, and holy geez, this was the best show by far. They just got two new band members...Cale Gontier from Three Days Grace and Eric Paul from Big Sugar. They seriously made a huge difference to the band. My ears are still ringing!! :)

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Ian Thornley :) i love him.

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