Courtney (dreamsound) wrote in thenewmusic,


This is bizarre... but intruiging...
Click on the banner below to see a short film with a new MEW song:

A cat walks through a forest, playing a fiddle. A swarm of glutinous, fleshy sea aliens with nipples for eyes come gobbling out of the deep. A column of electric space lightning spasms laser bolts out of the screen. J Mascis with the irises of a devil. Such are the weird, Coleridgian visions that crowd Jonas Bjerre’s nightmares night after night, and varied are the ways he battles them. Some become animations projected onto a backdrop while his band - immense Danish space pop innovators Mew - pick their way through their complex and turbulent soundscapes from skeletal guitar arpeggio to universe-quaking crescendo. Others, like the baseball-capped mini-Durst of ‘The Zookeeper’s Boy’, become the heroes of the poppiest song on 2005’s most boundary shattering new album.

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